Is Spray Foam Insulation Right for Your Home?

Spray foam insulation is a popular and effective solution for insulating and air-sealing various areas in homes and other buildings. It is a green building material that can save a homeowner on energy costs and reduce the risk of airborne allergens like dust, mold, and pollen from entering the home.
It is a great option for a variety of homes and other buildings, from new construction to remodeling existing ones. It can also be used on pole barns and in basements as well as for insulating and filling gaps around windows and doors. 
In general, it is much better insulated than fiberglass or cellulose and can save homeowners a significant amount of money on heating and cooling bills. However, there are several things to consider before deciding whether spray foam is the right choice for your home. Click here to find  the best wholesale Spray Foam store.
The best way to determine if spray foam is the correct type of insulation for your home is to schedule a home energy audit. During this assessment, an experienced professional will be able to determine your needs and recommend the type of insulation that will work best for you.
If you’re ready to learn more about your options for insulating your home, contact Ecotelligent Homes today to request a free no-obligation project estimate! We are a team of professional and highly trained insulation contractors in the Metro Detroit area.
Unlike other types of insulation, spray foam is sprayed directly into the area to be insulated. The two chemical components that make up the composite material of spray foam, polyurethane,e, and isocyanate, are mixed in a gun and then sprayed out of the nozzle at the same time to form an insulation barrier over the designated area.
This process is very simple and the two chemicals will chemically react as they are sprayed, expanding and hardening into an insulation barrier. This is why spray foam is considered the most effective insulation available.
There are many different ways to use foam insulation, but some of the most common is a flexible, strong, lightweight, and durable packing materials for delicate items or during a move. You can even use it to hold up a shower head that is coming loose.
It is also a great way to protect valuables during a move by filling a bag half-full of foam and putting it in the bottom of a box, then pressing the item gently into the foam as it hardens.
If you’re considering using spray foam to insulate your home, it is important to choose a contractor who has experience with the product and can use specialized equipment to install it properly. If the job is done poorly, toxic chemical off-gassing can occur and lead to health problems such as respiratory issues, an increased risk of cancer, and eye, nose, and skin irritation.
Another disadvantage of spray foam is that it can negatively impact the value of a home. If a home inspector or surveyor finds spray foam in the attic or other areas in a home, this could result in a reduction of value for your property or cause a mortgage to be deemed un-mortgageable in some cases. You can get more enlightened about this topic by reading here:
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